Finding my career path

When thinking about what career you should be in, try take the focus off of the actual job that you want to do for a second. Forget about what to major in at college or which area of work you should switch to.

Zoom out, think broader. Let’s consider the story of your life, or your life story. Your life has a certain trajectory and you have a mental blueprint about how you want your life to go; this can also be said to be a vision for your life. There’s something that you’re meant to accomplish and contribute to. There’s meaning and purpose to your life and you being able to live out this life story will be a life of satisfaction.

Your job or career isn’t something that you should be trying to fit into. Rather, you should be trying to find out how your career as a role in your life can fit into your life story.

Here’s an exercise to get you considering your life story:

Get out a sheet of paper and a pen.

  1. Rate your level of satisfaction for each area on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the greatest satisfaction.
  2. In each area, what is that you really desire and wish to accomplish? Write down all your answers.
  3. Now, rate your different answers from least important to most important in your life. What do you want the most? This will begin to paint a picture of your life story and what you place the most value in.
  4. Reorder the top 5 areas that you just rated.
  5. Based on these 5 areas, what do you really want in your life? How have you found fulfillment in these areas in the past? How can you improve each area?

In coaching sessions, we paint a more detailed picture of your life story. Then we begin to look at how you can live out your story with your career as one of its catalysts. Choosing a career that supports and fuels your life’s vision and story will be one that satisfies you.

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