How to explore careers

Now that you have more clarity about your life story and have narrowed down the career areas that support it, its time to explore. Actually, the exploration process is life long. But, it’s got to start somewhere.

This part requires most people to step out of their comfort zones because it requires reaching out and contacting people. Some ways to explore are:

  • Volunteer at companies or non-profits.
  • Apply for internships.
  • Interview people who work in those environments.
  • Go to job fares and ask those marketing their companies about that field of work. Prepare your questions beforehand.
  • Search online and watch videos about that work field and environment.
  • Email a company and ask them if you can work for free. This is best done in college. This will probably render you the most benefit.

When exploring, always consider whether this will fit into or contribute to your life story.

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