I am a life coach. I specialize in guiding people into the joy of finding their career path.

I understand that work and life are almost inseparable, so I don’t take the approach of simply giving someone a standardized test that tells them what career to choose. Those days are long gone. My approach is to guide a person into detailed clarity of their self and meaning so that they’re empowered to make educated and confident choices throughout their career.

In the past I would administer psychometric tests, have a short interview and write a lengthy report to the client about their personality, interests, values and aptitude and what career they should consider going into. The “career counseling” session was often a few hours on a single day. I have not seen this approach to be truly successful for the client. I believe it is because they were not helped to understand themselves, find meaning and purpose to their life and to realize their life story with its trajectory. It didn’t impact them.

Today, my approach is to draw out a life story for each person, the client being the author. This is to see their career as one of their roles within their life as a whole, and not how their life can fit into a career. We also build a coaching relationship which means that the client is supported and guided along the way in order to reach their goals. It’s not a one time event. This makes all the difference. This has been an empowering process for clients because it actually impacts them, they make progress and they are able to clearly and confidently choose and adapt throughout their career.



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