My story

In 2010 I got licensed and worked as a school counselor in South Africa. Working as a counselor brought out my passion for helping people heal, listening to them, and being a support. I found that I especially enjoyed helping people get clarity about their life and work.

Career counseling is what really excites me – helping people understand themselves with their habits, values, personality, and purpose in life. I helped re-shape many people’s stories about their life from the inaccurate beliefs that they previously had about themselves. It blew me away at how people’s outlook on their life changed when they realized the truth about their life and stopped believing the lies.

I then decided to make a big change myself and help people in Christian ministry. I wanted to help people grow in their Christian life as I too had been helped. So I went back to school for further training. I then worked with college students and it was a true joy to see people grow spiritually and build their “spiritual muscles”.

Then I desired to broaden my scope to helping people in more areas that would help them humanly and not just spiritually. After working with people spiritually, I realized that spiritual growth needs a healthy, positive human shell to carry it.

My focus now is to help coach people in their career, future goals, and life path. Coaching yields results and people need results.

Throughout my counseling career I have used an online worksheet that maps a person’s profile of 20 behavioral habits. It’s one of my favorites. Habits are what we do and what we do is who we are. It matters what habits we have because what we do is carried out in the environments we are in. If we cultivate the right habits for our environment, we will have success and happiness.

People need to develop the right habits in order to live in a way that matches their goals. Having goals and being clear on them is good, but it’s hard to sustain or reach them if your behavioral make-up can’t support your desired living. That’s why we will develop your behavioral habits in line with your goals and together, we will make your life story a reality.